Pie, OTTB Sly Pioneer, and I make our way through the forest in June 2010.

Table of Contents (click on red links)


2. Gone to Baja
      Halters and Haltering
      Hand Grazing
      Tacking Up
      Going For a Walk

3. What's in it for them? Keeping My Horses Sound, Sane, and Injury Free
      Running Thoughts and Horses
      Duration and Intensity
      Building a Base - Beginning
      Rest Days
      Slow and Steady Increase
      Conditioning Program
      Conditioning for Trail Rides
      Avoid Sporadic Training
      My Own Horses' Fitness Level
      Showing Off Just One Time Can Physically Stress Your Horse
      A Sad Story Caused By a Common Training "Program"
      Cool Down
4. Preparing to Ride
      Getting Prepared Philosophically
      Clothing and Other Practical Preparations
      Rest and Overall Health
      Running to Stay Calm
      Places to Go, People to See
      Hunger and the Ubiquitous Blue Jug
      Smart Phones, Texting, Photography and Other Attention Grabbers

5. Putting the Cart Before the Horse
      Fear Born of Inexperience
      Chuck's Boat - A Cart Before the Horse Story
      Riding Lessons - A Simple Step Not to be Skipped
      So What Can a Beginner Do If They Already Own a Horse?
      My Own Cart Before the Horse Story
      Fear and the Experienced Rider
      Horses Are Psychic - They Have X-Ray Vision and Excellent Sniffers
      Get Yourself to an Island
      Lunging and Fear
      Egos and Horses

In progress...
6. Riding
      Zen, Empty Thoughts, and Ghostbusters
      Body Position and Equitation
      Happy Horses - Without a Bit
7. After The Ride
      Post-Ride Grazing and Grooming
      When a Horse is Set Fair
      Happy Horsekeeping

8. Time 
9. Books That Help